Finest Handcrafted Fences Made One at a Time

Twenty one years serving Boulder, Boulder County, and the surrounding area.

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Reliable Experienced Contractor

Finest handcrafted fences made one at a time. 

Quality Built Into Every Fence

Even simple generic privacy fences can be made well or just "good enough". Quality encompasses not only the initial look of a fence, but what happens five years later. Straight posts that sit plumb, quality materials, tight cuts and strong connections.

We Don't Expect You to be Fence Experts

We always make fences with two goals in mind, a fence has to look good, and it has to be strong to last a long time. After we are gone our work will still be at your house, and our work speaks for itself, that's why we have so many referrals and repeat customers. We don't ask you if you want the right option or the cheap way to do things, we simply do it right the first time. We don't add on charges, our price includes everything.


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